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A Great Place To Create Entertainment
Why shoot at AED Studios?
Why shoot at AED Studios?
State-of-the-art sound stages...

Why shoot at AED Studios?

- 16 State-of-the-art sound stages
- Top class crew
- More than 40% off on local spend through the Belgian tax-shelter
- A variety of great shooting locations in close proximity
- We actively help producers meet financing and production goals

Water Tank
Water Tank
Stage floor: 3.000m² (32.292ft²)

Stage 12 - Water Tank

Stage floor 3.000m² (32.292ft²)
Length 75m (246ft)
Width 40m (131ft)
Height to ceiling 22m (72ft)
Water temperature >31°C (88°F)
Floor load 1 ton/m² (23.735lbs/ft²)
Gate 3,6m x 4,45m (11.8ft x 14.60ft)

Water Tank
Barco Virtual World

Your corporate event on the Studio Lot

10 full HD Barco projectors, +500m² screens, lights and quadrophonic sound to make your event unforgettable. More info...

6 fully rigged Studios
6 fully rigged Studios
A time saver during pre-lighting and production

6 stages include trusses with automated hoists to rig lights and other equipment to the ceiling.

6 fully rigged Studios
On the Studio Lot
On the Studio Lot
Discover one of the largest media complexes in Europe.

Discover one of the largest media complexes in Europe.

On the Studio Lot


Located in Antwerp, Belgium, AED Studios has been the site for some of the most diverse and ambitious projects to be filmed in Europe.


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Let AED Studios be your host for:

Film and Television Productions – Live Broadcasts and Concerts – Theater Rehearsals – Presentations and much more…


Brasserie Romantiek
The Fifth Estate
Iron Sky - The Coming Race
Grace of Monaco
Bloed Zweet en Tranen
FC De Kampioenen
Un Heureux Evénement
Parade's End
The Hot Potato
Un Plan Parfait
Goltzius and the Pelican Company
Oud België
Midden in de Winternacht