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AED Studios boasts 750 parking spaces that are well integrated into the green surroundings. As a professional or as an event organizer, you may allocate spaces into different groups of visitors (VIP, crew, artists, etc.).  Road signs (E19 – exit Lint) make for easy directions to AED Studios by car.

Additionally, AED Studios is accessible by public transportation. The “Kontich” train station is located within walking distance from the main entrance and has direct connections to cities like Antwerp and Brussels. A short train ride (30 min) gives you connection to Thalys, Eurostar and Brussels International Airport.

Summary parking capacity for 750 cars:

  • Parking 1: 65 cars
  • Parking 2: 165 cars
  • Parking 4: 150 cars
  • Parking 5: 150 cars
  • Parking 6: 200 cars
  • Parking 7: 20 cars